Views of the World

Without prejudice.

This is a story of Rebekah Brooks
And some of the risks her editors took
Will they send the girl a packing
For all that mobile telephone hacking?

This is making quite a story
with Andy Coulson and a leading tory
It became impossible for him to stay
Now Mr Coulson`s on his way

Mr Cameron had  respect
Gave Mr Coulson a background check
Turned up nothing untoward
on Murdoch`s man from News of the World

Rupert Murdoch`s on a high
What he craves is a win for Sky
It`s he who made the paper close
Or is this  now “The Emperor`s new clothes”?

Lots of journalists lost their pride
Some politicians may need to hide
Could Policemen now be on the run
For all the favours they have done?

Is the paper`s owner a crook?
Is he in Bed with Rebekah Brookes?
Judges might not be able to tell
Have they been in her bed as well?

Let`s be honest about News of the World
They had some fantastic naked girls
Short hair, long hair , hair that`s curled
We used to call it “screws of the world”

Getting off on all those chicks
For boys like us was a magic trick
Their lovely legs and silky thighs
It used to make us fantasise

With waists so thin from eating “Ritz”
Sometimes you`d glimpse the fuzzy bits
Shots like those are one in a million
Most of them now, have had a Brazillian

But thanks to science and innovation
Most of them have implantations
Collagen lips and facial lifts
Botox waists and massive tits

We used to buy that paper every day
And imagine the girls in a roll in the hay
We`d cut out the page with the naughty parts
And use it for our game of darts

The large dark ring was worth a one
Two in the nipple and you`d scored a ton.
If you hit the honey pot
Boy you won the whole jackpot

This game of darts was lots of fun
Especially when you got her bun
The problem was you felt so heady
It was hard to keep your dart arm steady

So If you miss it in the morning
That raunchy paper your desk adorning
And If you miss her sexy bun
Go out and buy the New Sunday Sun