Kitchen installation

Detail design and especially layered CAD drawings co-ordinate the works of the various trades and reduce the conflicts which exist without design input. A new floor on an acoustic  and levelling  system by CM Danskin was used here on an existing  pre-stressed slab which was very uneven 

New Kitchen & Boiler

New Kitchen & Boiler

Detail Design and especially CAD drawings help to co-ordinate the various trades involved in a kitchen installation and to forecast  the possible conflicts in the project thus enabling a smoother operation, and an anticipated end result matching the design intent .  In this small project a new proprietary acoustic and floor levelling system was laid to replace a hitherto uneven timber floating floor on uneven PC Slabs.The result; a perfectly level , sound floor to fit the kitchen on to.

Boilers present their own problems and my past experience enabled me to avoid the usual disasters associated with boilers.

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